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48300-Langogne (Cheylard l'Évêque) LOZÈRE
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GPS : UTM - 31T0563791 - 4944323 - Alt. : 1130 m
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Le village
The village of Cheylard
Le Cheylard l'Évêque. The village.
The Chapelle Notre-Dame de toutes les Graces
The Notre-Dame de toutes les Grâces chapel.
The church
The church.
The 19th century historical inn
The 19th century historical inn.

Around the village
The autumnal shades of colours in Foret de Mercoire
The autumnal shades of colours in Forêt de Mercoire.
The pond of l'Auradou
The pond of l'Auradou.
Pan view point la Gardille (1503 m / 4509 feet)
Pan view point la Gardille (1503 m / ± 4509 feet).
The ancient abbey in Mercoire
The ancient abbey in Mercoire.

The Forêt de Mercoire
The forest is situated between 1100 m and 1500 m high (± 3440 - 4688 feet). It reaches its highest point at 1503 m (± 4696 feet).
Its size = 10,000 hectares (± 20,000 acres).
This forest is partly privately owned and partly owned by the state
A very pleasant beauty spot to visit is the spring of the Allier river.
In the nearby area, there is another interesting visit to make : a walk on the ancient voie (way) Régordane.
The plain of the Bas Languedoc is quite near.
There are ancient remains previous human occupations : standing stones, a cistercian abbey, the Castel of Luc The forest is naturaly composed of :
  • Thickets of beeches planted there a long time ago.
  • Heaths covered with scot firs interspersed with beeches and birches.
It has been mainly artificially planted with sprucer a few dating back to 100-120 years ago, other more recent date back to 70-80 years ago.
A great majority of plantations dates back to 10-30 years ago. In addition, there are a few larchees and douglas pine trees
All information can be obtained from Alain Levet, garde forestier (forest warder) officially approved by the Office National des Forêts (Forest commission).

In the autunm season, mushroom-pickers and mycologists are delighted to find all sorts of mushrooms : ceps, chanterelles, etc ...
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