Chambres et Tables d'hôtes - Gite d'étape et de séjour
48300-Langogne (Cheylard l'Évêque) LOZÈRE
Write to us - Phone/FAX : 04 66 69 03 21
GPS : UTM - 31T0563791 - 4944323 - Alt. : 1130 m
Météo Lozère

Vue de la salle a manger
Gourmet menu suggests.
Recipes from the Lozère region as well as the chef's specials.
Gourmet table
The chef serves different types of dishes according to his fancy as well as the seasons; they with undoubtedly please the most delicate palates.
On spring duck, river trout and veal will be on the menu, whereas in the summer season the chef will excel in cooking provencial cuisine (pickled peppers with garlic sauce . On autunm season, ceps and chestnuts will be on the menu, and "boeuf gros sel" (beef cooked in crystal salt), "cassoulet" (meat and bean casserole from South West France), "manouls" (Lozerian's favorite) and "potée" (Hotpot of pork and cabbage) will make a feast at the winter season.

You will enjoy drinking wine from the Anjou region and of the Pays d'Oc (S.W. region of france), as well as herbal teas and liqueurs and tasting jam and honey. The home-made cakes are made with raspberries and blueberries picked up in the nearby forests.
Photo of specialities
Venison in stew served with chestnuts.
  • The Refuge is available for all kinds of parties
    • Country reunions
    • Cold Buffets
    • New Years Eve's dinners, formal dinners wedding parties, etc....
    • Meals based on a special themeRepas à thème
    • Work sessions (seminars)
  • A 100 square meter (± 300 square foot) room is available for parties, buffets and seminars (booking in advance is necessary).
    Facilities available: a projector and a screen, a paper-board, a fax-machine and internet.

Buffet photo during the 120th anniversary of RL Stevenson Trail      Specialities
  • Local recipes and Refuge du Moure's specials:
    • Terrines et viandes séchées maison.
    • (Home-made pâtés and smoked mead)
    • Salade de choux au cumin.
    • (Cabbage salad seasoned with cumin)
    • Filet de rouget grillé à l'huile d'olive.
    • (Grilled fillet of mullet with a tinge of olive oil)
    • Fraise de veau sauce ravigote.
    • (Tripes seasoned with a vinaigrette, herbs and egg yoke)
    • Grillé tandoor, salade à l'huile de noix.
    • (Grilled tandoori chicken served with salad seasoned with walnut oil)
    • Rouelle d'agneau aux poivrons confits.
    • (Lamb steak cooked with pickled peppers)
    • Moche en barbouille purée de courge.
    • (Sausage and cabbage cooked in redwine sauce)
    • Manouls et flecque en cocotte.
    • (Lozerian's specials)
    • Cailles farcies aux raisins.
    • (Quail stuffed with grapes)
    • Ventreche de veau grillée au romarin.
    • (Grilled calf-belly with rosemary)
    • Civet de biche aux airelles.
    • (Venison in stew with bilberry sauce)
    • Potées et cassoulets.
    • (Hotpot with pork and cabbage; meat and bean dish from South West France)
    • Confits et magrets de barbarie à la crème d'ail.
    • (Duck confit and filled of musk duck cooked in a creamy garlic sauce)
    • Lapin sauté aux pommes et cidre.
    • (Sauté of rabbit cooked with apple and cider)
    • Tarte chaude aux pommes et rhubarbe.
    • (Appel and rhubarb tart served warm)
    • Sabayon de fruits rouges.
    • (Cream with red fruit cooked in Jurançon wine)
    • Crêpes au chocolat et à la crème anglaise.
    • (Pancakes served with chocolate and custard sauce)
    • Poires au vin d'épices.
    • (Pears cooked in gingerwine)
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